Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Our Sojourn

here is a snapshot of our calubrious (sp?)'home' for 4 days - W & CH.
Other bits n'pieces:
  1. Xandy became quite the 'patient' and loved the 1:1 time with me, and the fact that dinner was served on a tray and he could have as many apple juices and iceblocks as he wanted....
  2. He had a great time doing his puzzles (not without me of course...lol)
  3. There are only so many junk magazines one can read - thanks to Sandra for the SA Life for relief, and Dean for bringing in my CK ones!
  4. The view outside was quite nice really - old Nth Adelaide and the cathedral. The fact that I could not breathe any of the fresh air made it bitterseet. I hate hospital air conditioning - it is so drying
  5. Having to hold your son down with 2 other nurses in order for him to have either his puffer or nebuliser is an experience I would rather forget - especially if it is 3am
  6. Thank goodness for being quarantined, so we could have a room to ourselves.....no more feral parenting styles to overhear....lol
  7. ummmm....

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