Tuesday, 17 July 2007

play time!

i may be a bit behind the scrapbooking product 8 ball (andI don't really care quite frankly) but just had to post about some fun I had this arvo (during my pm tea break of course lol) with my

  1. new 7 Gypsies stamp (been waiting a long time at my lss for this one!), and
  2. my bargain of the day - 10 Artist Derwent pencils for $4 in their own pod case at Office Works!!! Will be going back there I think to get some for dd who is always 'borrowing' and 'using' (4 yrs old = wrecking) my stuff. And wait there's more.....
  3. my Heidi Swapp date stamp which is so cool that I'll be a- dating and a- stamping everywhere, including work files ha ha. and this doesn't sound exciting, but I thnk it is spesh -
  4. my Power Pritt Gel glue everything glue, that I know is not new - but it is to me. Love it.
Enough ranting
Off to finish off the WW tomato and Bacon soup I am making for dinner in an effort to begin losing the 10-12 kgs I have gradually accomodated....eeek

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