Monday, 9 July 2007

School Holidays - Day1

i am still learning this blog stuff, so I'll just describe the photos before doing my Monday blah...blaa, as that was how they were posted. Um...Ellie at her birthday dinner at restaurant 66 (April), Ellie and cousin Grace at her(E's) fairy party, both E and A on their bikes in the 'old' new house (rented), one of the numerous icebergs that have responded well to absolutely NO attention - they are a delightful pink this year! - and finally a photo I love of E & me taken last week.
With Ellie at kindy and Xander going to playgroup, we now tend to revolve around the school terms as this means that there is NO kindy or playgroup for 2 weeks....mmmm...AND I don't know how many times I have been checking Alexander's tummy today. I am expecting chicken pox as there are 7 kids at his ccc with them, and he has a roaring temperature. no spots tho'......yet. Some of the things I thought of last night to do w/ kids in hols include: trip to if wet/cold (guaranteed!)....have some of the kids friends over to supermum educational craft activity (yeah right)...toy library etc etc. We will see how we go!

The usual Monday - paying bills, sorting mail, loads of washing. The mail was ok because my order from CraftQueen came today, which was very yummy, AND had the most beautiful card.scrapbook magazines from the US - and they were a bargain price c.f my lss (local scrapbook shop for those non-scrappers).

I am looking forward to having a play sometime - today not likely though, due to above, and tomorrow I am working for Dean - yes it is almost official that I will not be returning to my speech path job unless they give me another year unpaid leave which is not good does it feel to have made a decision! i know that this is the right decision for now, for me and for Dean and the family as a whole.

I want to try and start posting some of my lo's and cards here to share with people, and for the purposes of sharing them at forums etc. you never know, I may even enter some comps, as there are usually gift vouchers at the shops as prizes, and there is nothing more that I like than supplies for free!!

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