Saturday, 4 August 2007


I can't believe a week has gone by already. I had a great day last Saturday - browsing Borders with no restrictions, and found a fabulous book on altered books - even tho' it was An Idiot's Guide...I am very inspired to do more of this in the name of art/recycling/childlike play, and have dicovered some good sites as a result.
Today has been a slightly different story....frustrating and car-bound most of the time, altho' it wasn't even to have an adventurous car-trip. Went, bank, Camelots for a fabulous book that was on sale, Pizza Hut for late lunch (hohum), OfficeWorks to try and get Dean's work stuff sorted ha ha. By this stage, the kids were going absolutely bonkers of course, and I just wanted to fly away. Then we went to newsagent so Dean could get lotto, supermarket for a few necessesities, and then a rush back home so that Dean and Xander could catch the bus to go to the Crow showdown game.
All in all a busy but frustrating day.
At least, Ellie and I will treat ourselves to some girl time and will go to Spats (Ellie's choice) for a treat, probably after the Doodlebops around 7ish.
And then Hopefully, Ellie in bed, and me all by myself at home, free to do whatever I want, ie Scrapping/Art/blogging etc!
BTW, still no pox for Xander, fingers crossed!

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