Wednesday, 31 October 2007

paint a spot over here, make a mess over there

to the tunes of the playschool favourite.
{this is attempt #2 at posting - I have just lost along screed - damn!!}
We painted and printed/stamped with old potatoes/carrots etc today after Ellie's kindy and cleaned up pretty well except for few spots on the carpet (old and smelly anyway).
Can't wait till the kids are old enough to create by themselves so I can do my thang with them, but w/out having to tell them/plead with them NOT to eat paint/Not to paint the potato, just to stamp with it/ Not to put it in hair, wipe on dogs etc etc.
Have been keen to paint again as have been pretty influenced by Somerset Studio and all the lovely art that is made using mixed media/altered books - and love pouring over the eye candy here, here and here. And that is just a start!

And my new (but old for some) discovery is this fantastic shop for lots of yummies, especially pearlescent/metallic watercolours found also here.

Anyhoo - here are a few candid shots taken this October:

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