Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Poor me Poor me....

Yes, well that was the underestimation of the year! “40 mins in the chair, go home with a few swabs,. Take it easy (quote from dentist 2 weeks ago ready for today’s wisdom teeth extraction).
Having never had any ‘intrusive’ procedures in my mouth before, this was a slight shock. Yes the needles hurt, and yes I hated that my whole face below my nose went numb, and yes I hated that I could still feel slightly when he started digging at the undescended one, so more anasth required.
Nothing prepared me (or him for that matter) for the caper of my UL wisdom tooth – digging into the bone to scrape it all out (aaaagh) and finding that it was twisted around, hearing the great sound effects of chipping and yanking. (Dean then told me that when he had his 4 out all at once, the dentist actually put his knee on his chest to pull – yikes!!
But the grossest part of all was the constant stream of blood going down my throat, and the swabs that they gave me lasted – oo – 3 hours or so. So, have given up on them, and am now just swallowing more blood intermittently. And stroking my poor bruised jaw and swollen L cheek, and sipping small amounts of yoghurt when I can.
Ho hum.
Kids have been good, thankfully.
Dean still at work, but came home to offer required sympathy after I came home. Hopefully won’t be too much longer.
On with the Nurofen!!

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