Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Some a{muse}ment

Amongst all the celebrating of my little boy's 3rd birthday, and the back-to-the-week-drudge, I have a yearning to write/journal. Perhaps it is brought on by the fact that I am reading Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and am enjoying it immensely; and have been inspired again by "Inspire Me Thursday".

Time and again, I feel I am evolving from just being into "scrapbooking", to embracing anything to do with creativity, mixed media, altered arts, writing., hence my favourite reads at the moment are Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines, and have been playing a lot with acrylic paints, gel medium, mod podge etc. I will post some of what i have done shortly, including an excerpt from my first altered book using the manuscript of "The Messiah" (Handel) c/- Save The Children shop bought for $1!. In it, I have chosen to represent a short piece written by Stephanie Dowrick that was sent to me via her Universal Heart Network emails, on Peace.

But for now, I want to try my hand at writing for a few minutes based on a prompt by the prompt generator at the Creativity Portal. Here goes:

"Could You Stay in Bed all day and Think?"
Ummm...no. I would have to get up to eat, drink, go to the loo, not to mention checking up on the kids/dogs/husband.
But I like the idea, as long as the definition of thinking could include brainstorming on paper, using art materials with bits and pieces, using books to base my thoughts, a bit of dozing here and there - basically somewhere I could actually place my thoughts rather than them being born and then rattling around in my brain, like dried up nuts in their pods, only to get lost by "Muuuum" or "Have you seen my......" or "What are you doing....",.
So give me....a secluded, peaceful spot, no way of being contacted, as much reading material at my fingertips as I want, and my favourite Peter Alexander jammies, I would succeed at set challenge methinks.

.....back to the drudge......more later

oh...and I loved this quote I found on gratitude:

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving"

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