Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well...a little belatedly.....Christmas well and truly came and went again without too much hassle, plenty of fun and pressies of course. I managed to make all my Christmas cards, although forgot to put the tags on the pressies I had as for the homemade didn't really happen as you guessed it ....ran out of time!
So...for a new year, I resolve to post more on here, do more challenges from various websites such as daring cardmakers, aussiedares and journalling junkie. I also plan to contribute to the Blue Bazaar forum and post layouts there regularly. Blue Bazaar is one of my fav shops and they also now provide digital stuff, which someday Iwill try ;)
I love this little effort of Ellie on the whiteboard with her new pens (pink and purple of course!!)
sheloves to read simple words and she knows writes quite a few words now too!! Soooo ready academically for school.
Oh..and having just finished reading Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali I plan to be more aware - especially of the present moment and thus be more grateful for all the big and little things that are my life right now!

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