Friday, 29 February 2008

Art Journal/Altered Book

Browsing in the op shop....what did I see?
Handel's "Messiah" looking at me!
At only $1 it was a great find
And so a little voice said "alter it"
Handel won't mind ;)

And here are the results of my first attempt at altering a book/making an art journal. It is an ongoing process, which has been really enjoyable and permissive and messy!

Before Christmas, I received a newsletter as part of the Universal Heart Network from Stephanie Dowrick, and she wrote a beautiful piece on Peace. At that time of year her words really resonated with me, and so I set out to explore them more visually as a series of pages in my "Messiah" altered book.

The words say:
As a peacemaker I will:
See the good in myself and other people - and have the courage to express that.

Regard my own life with gratitude. Develop peacefulness within my own heart and mind.

Honour the gift of life in all other living beings, without exception.

Practise kindness - regardless of who "deserves" it.
Take responsibility for the effect I have on others.

Protect the vulnerable.
Cultivate kindness.

Refuse violence as a solution to human problems - ever.

Accept difference - even when it challenges me.

Value community and extend my vision of community to embrace all living beings.

Protect the earth. Honour the earth. Cherish the earth and all its living forms.

Learn the value of silence and of thoughtful speech.

Discover and practise the power of forgiveness.

See the unity in all of life.

Live as a source of peace for others, and also for myself.
Below are just some blank pages ready to be journalled - been having fuin with gold paint, and I am loving blue & teal and lime green together at the moment.
And now, to finish, a quick sprinkling of butterflies that I have propped up behind my paints in my space. This was inspired by Ali - hers can be seen here.
Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done, and the sayings are beautiful. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Thanks for sharing you art.

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