Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's Autumn!

...officially my favourite time of year, yet I walked out my back door this morning and it was hot!!

We are having a lazy Sunday morning - so will continue posting pics of some of my work.
This was pretty spur-of-the-moment last night. I have been meaning to scrap this photo for ages, and have been keeping it for 'just the right idea', and I thought 'just do it'; stop procrastinating. I went overboard on the lace carstock and felt and buttons, but i like it:)
This sweet photo was taken last Christmas at Dad's - all of the cousins (on my side) lined up in a row, wearing their gorgeous little outfits that Sandra gave them from Thailand.
I am loving gold paint at the moment, can't you tell!!
It was great to get emails from Michael and Dad this morning from Namche Bazaar in Nepal - things are going well for them despite some 'runs' IYKWIM!
I will make a mini-album of sorts with the emails they send, and maybe some pics when they return.
Coffee beckons!
Happy Sunday!

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