Thursday, 10 April 2008

Chop Chop

It all began with Ellie getting her haircut....I just couldn't stand my hair anymore - same old same old - long, natural colour (mousey brown), and looking back at my wedding photos (nearly 10 years!!) it was exactly the same. Just the face had changed. somewhat. and the body. ahem.
I was starting to look like the proverbial mutton dressed as lamb......a slippery slope if you ask me.
So.....I am now the biggest loser in this family (of hair ;-)) and loved emerging from the hairdresser- crossing the road, wind blowing, feeling like "I was worth it" a la Garnier/L'Oreal
And then I washed it and came back down to earth and did my usual stuff with my hair (ie. nothing), and now it looks like rats tails @the end. But I still love the length and will get it evened up and cut shorter for a real concave look which I love atm..

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