Friday, 11 April 2008

The Design Experiment challenge

Over at The Design Experiment, the challenge is to write 10 things about yourself.
Mine reads:
  1. Fendi perfume: my absolute favourite for cooler weather
  2. late harvest grapes
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. cooler nights
  5. the look on my children's faces when I read "Knuffle Bunny" by Mo Willems
  6. gorgeous autumn leaves falling from trees in our front yard
  7. Alexander's cuddles
  8. Eleanor singin to herself perfectly in tune
  9. Hambly Screen Prints
  10. shorter hair

Ellie decided last night that the stamped numbers looked 'a bit funny' so she decided to colour them in...which would be ok if she didn't smudge :-( Bless......

Also - my first scented layout...I decided to give it a bit of a spray of the said perfume!

Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

The Design Experiment said...

Too cute! Thanks for playing along with the challenge!


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