Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I want it cheek-length Mummy

And what a lovely surprise it was when we got Eleanor's hair cut on Friday last week. I LOVE it because it is soo much easier to manage, being thin and always tangled. It now looks thicker, and she looks taller, skinnier and more grown up.....which reminds me that next week is the last week of kindy for her, before the big world of school....sob:( it has gone sooo quickly, and she is soo excited. In the photo, Ellie is holding a card she mounted on a box for me - it reads "Love Ellie for mum".

Our cheeky Panda also had a haircut - but not quite as a radical as Ellie's! A silly shot taken when he was dressing up in Daddy's shoes. and yes, that IS a nappy. sigh. He shows absolutely no interest in anything else but nappies - and says "I'll wear nappies when I turn 4" - yeah right - maybe before kindy at the end of the year? wish me luck.

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