Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Paper Adventure: Operation 08

Something Old (click on title for link)
I haven't quite completed this - mainly because I haven't printed off a photo to attach - but you can see the photo below. I used Hambly rubons and LoveElsie stamps

Journalling (printed on brown vellum - a little hard to read) reads:
Print of Chateau de Chenonceau
This was given to me by the family I worked for as an au pair in France in 1993.It was for my 20th birthday , which was a large celebration, just like turning 21 here.
I loved it at the time and I still do because:
It looks French
It looks old (It was purchased from an Antique shop in Beaugency)
It is one of my favourite chateau: we first visited it in 1981 - 27 years ago! I loved the unusual design of the chateau over the river, the gardens, the gorgeous cedar trees, the crunchy gravel surrounding the building and the mystique surrounding the de Medici family that once lived there.
It also reminds me of visiting it once again with my parents in May of 1993 when they came over to visit me whilst living & ‘au-pairing’ in the Loire Valley. I had the day off from a job I found nearly impossible to bear…and I was so homesick…I enjoyed seeing them again so much.
It reminds me of being (only) 19 leaving Adelaide for Noosa, and then France to look after a 3/4 yr old boy and 5/6 year old girl nearly 24 hrs a day – and that is 15 years ago – and another story entirely!
Thanks for looking!

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