Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Winged Clock least it is not melting - Dali style:-)

I cannot believe it is now June (and mid at that!), and my last post was in mid April.

Since that time the following has happened:

  • Ellie has turned 5 :0)

  • Ellie has started school

  • Xand has been kept in senior kindy whilst his friends have gone up to preschool. This occurred at the same time as E starting school - not a good thing for the poor panda.

  • it is now winter (& I am loving this weather - the most gorgeous crisp sunny mornings as I walk my girl to school)

  • and perhaps most importantly...

  • I have been to the Brisbane Expo BY MYSELF - woohoo!! This was magically fantastic.

I went to classes with Ngaire Bartlam, Loretta Grayson and Caroline Mau from Maya Road which were immensely enjoyable to just follow directions and still be creative, listen to immensely creative gals and meet others of course :).

photos can be seen as below:

From Ngaire's class, using Heidi Grace papers....not my usual style, but I got a fab idea for using old crocheted doilies - she had made a scarf from sewing them end to end!

Some of the MAya Road mix it up album (not yet finished)....great for techniques I wouldn't normally try, and loads of product in a goody bag to boot!

My favourite class of them all was from Rett Grayson. I absolutely LOVE her style and her class rocked - and she was delightfully patient as well - even for hopeless beginner sewers like very very inspiring.

when not shopping, people watching etc, I retreated back to my room and continued my creativity! I bought an Amy Butler mini album from Craft Queen (gorgeous ribbon and lots of lovely nick-nacks!!) which I used to record my time away, and I also worked on Ellie's birthday butterfly album (now called belated-birthday butterfly album!!)

woops - sorry for photo!

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