Thursday, 17 July 2008

Slackity slack slack

's now the middle of brrrr July.....(for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere). And still no post updates.

I have been surviving school holidays (just) with the usual dose of colds/tonsilitis/boredom/messiness./.....amazing how much neater the house remains when Ellie is at school!!

I have continued to create, and be totally inspired by so many things...I will try and incorporate links gradually over the next little while.

I will show you a few pics of what I have been up to, both creatively and family-wise.

This is a typical cheeky....Mum don't look I have just got something out of the fridge that I don't want you to see---look. and judging by his mouth, it is probably chocolate custard!! panda is growing up way too fast xoxoxoxxoxox

on her way to her first disco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!at the end of term breakup. 5 going on 15.

Mother's Day - spent doing a fairly routine thing on the weekends - going up to the school to kick the footy and walk the dogs - family fun time!!
a regular Saturday thing - swimming lessons @ Unley

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