Saturday, 27 March 2010


Why am I waking up at 4.30 each night? And it always seems to be the night before a busy today's sports day for my 2. It was hot, dusty and a LONG day, and they were so excited that they got to sleep very late so they were tired and grumpy anyway.
I had to come home and have a (pregger) nanna nap at 4ish - next thing I knew it was 6.45!! (thanks honey for letting me sleep btw). So now I am still awake- nearly midnight - and hope that I sleep undisturbed until  daylight at least!!
And some photos from the big day at the oval........

First up - footy for Alexander (always a winner!!)

doing the 'chants' and 'rhythms' - Ellie was excited -Alexander was just overwhelmed (oh - & did I mention overtired??!)

the little 'newbie' and the bigger sister Grade2 amongst a sea of red......Go

I have spent most of the night on looking at possibilities for swapping creations/whats-its - a fascinating place....which then led me to   - which has just started but looks like a great idea for all of us resolved to network a little more ;-)

Ok - officially Saturday morning now so off to bed!!

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