Wednesday, 20 October 2010

First challenge complete!

For the October theme of "Purpose" I decided to 'bake' some all-purpose muffin cards using some of my kit stuff. This was really fun......

Rather than slices of pie, I decided to bake some 'all-purpose muffin cards' in a muffin tray. Each 'muffin' represents a purpose I identified as either undercooked, overcooked, just right or needing a bit more spice perhaps (I'll let you guess which ones they are......)

They are made of cardstock cut into circle shapes & I used one of the cog masks to ink the outside in places. I cut out various images from the patterned papers that I thought would suit my theme, hence, the bike-riding for excercise, cents for earning money , the man & woman for our relationship etc. Each card is very simple, just embellished a bit with the stickles & some word/letter stickers on the inside to go with the journalling.

In the interests of saving space, I have also bound them up loosely into a mini-album of sorts, freeing up my muffin pan to bake some more of the edible kind

ETA: the areas that I chose to write about were:
  • mindfulness/me-time
  • relationship/partnering
  • parenting
  • social networks/friendship
  • paid work
  • practice/excercise

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