Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Woohoo - this arrived in my po box this morning all the way from America & I am so excited!!! Full of lovely things for me to play with - including gorgeous Graphic 45 papers & Crate papers . See a pic below

The theme for this month is "Purpose" & I already have ideas streaming through my brain......I have only recently joined the SFTIO community & they are a very friendly bunch - come over & join us!!!
On a more frustrating note - I have um...misplaced ....my camera charger:(((( & can't find it anywhere so am resorting to taking piccies with my iphone...Here are a few from said phone of recent happenings....
Daddy & Maddy at Maddys 1st Grand Final - not bad at approx 10 weeks!!

kids enjoying the game...well Ellie was playing her DS ;)

a little overwhelmed by the noise.....but actually really enjoying it!!

this was the view right from the top of the Great Southern Stand at the MCG.........I think my ears are still ringing from the dulcet tones of Cooooollllllliiinnnnnnngwooooood ;)

and would you believe it......Miss M slept right through it all when she needed to !

I hope to post some stuff soon using my SFTIO kit just as soon as I get some creative time....now back to work!

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