Friday, 12 November 2010

Gratitude, Refreshment & even a Picnik ;)

Last night I went with my mother to hear Stephanie Dowrick speak at the Effective Living Centre here in Adelaide, & was delighted that she remembered me from a retreat I did with her in Bundanoon a few years ago, when I was pregnant with Alexander. She was talking about her latest book, "Seeking the Sacred". I came away feeling refreshed, inspired & very optimistic - a lovely way to begin a Friday! Do go over to her website & spend some time pondering at what she has to say - even better, join the Universal Heart Network :)
Thankyou so much Stephaniex

I was referred to Picnik by the gals at SFTIO - where have I been hiding all this time??? This photo-editing site is totally fun & fab & have enjoyed spending (way too much) time playing with my photos!!

Have a lovely refreshing spring-rainy type Friday :)

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