Saturday, 29 January 2011

Last weekend before school begins again....

as I was getting my usual Maxi Skinny Flat White Coffee from Wild Bean in my complete Saturday morning dags/greasy hair I ran into an old biology teacher of mine ....well, she is not old...I mean old as in former ;) & she remembered my name!!! That was 20+ yrs ago peoples!! It was lovely to chat - she keeps in touch with quite a few of my old former teachers so it was nice to get a bit of goss, as I hadn't made it to my 20 yr school reunion, having just given birth to Madeleine.
Anyways...that brings me to the fact that school hols are very nearly over & whilst i  will LOVE the relative peace during the day, it has been great to spend time with the kids - they are at a really enjoyable age & we have good little conversations together, & I love seeing them interact with our little 6 month old member of the fam, who was taken here looking cheeky as ever on Christmas morning:
 And this is a very common scene below, being smothered by big sister & big brother. At least she is now asserting herself & telling them where to go - they just need to tune I remind them it will only be a matter of time before she is following them around & getting into all their stuff & they will be telling her where to go....
So......what else has been happening in January?
Well, we helped my Mum celebrate her 70th birthday on the 21st - it has been quite an amazing few months for her - she was ordained as an Anglican priest just before Christmas last year....& is now taking a well-earned break interstate
We have been swimming & spending time with friends
We have been rollerskating (!!) 3 times in 1 week (!!) up at Blackwood (not me just my kids)
I have been beginning the BIG declutter at home so we can start the year off semi-organised. Our house is still CHAOS tho.....Can't Have ANyone Over Syndrome (thanks FLylady ;) Another reason to look forward to the kids back at school next week.

And amongst all that, I have been scrapping a bit, but not nearly as much as i want to.....a few projects here & there but will keep them until next week when it is my turn to blog again over at Scrapmatts. I feel the urge to do a major re-shuffle/de-stash of all my stuff - it always gets my mojo going.

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