Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CHA Scraplift Challenge at SFTIO

"I was not far from Paris, in Sologne"

Journalling: I found this photo - it made me remember a totally different me. It caused me to reflect on who I was then: 19 years old; no kids of my own yet responsible-as-an-au-pair/nanny - for a 4&6 year old; homesick; insecure; immature; not confident....I really worried what people thought ...I was pretty vulnerable...a foreighner far from home. I am certainly not saying that I am the opposite of these things now, but with age comes perspective & an ability to reflect on your experiences. I am certainly more confident about myself & am not worried (so much) about my looks. I am a responsible mother of 3 - who would have thought!?!?

For this layout I lifted the layout done by Patti, seen here

I began by using a similar design - I also rounded the corners of my photo, & cut out elements of patterned paper. I liked the word 'reflect' in bold writing & used that in my journalling, & although I didn't reflect on my childhood as such like Patti, it was a reflection on a period of my life when I was much younger..

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Kerryn said...

Love the journalling Belinda!!! Fantastic layout!

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