Monday, 16 January 2012

In a blink of an eye.......12 things upon 2012

  1. it has been October (????!!!!) since I last posted, which is aaages.....and I have gone through peaks & troughs of does everyone
  2. My 'baby' is now nearly 18 months old and in typical 3rd child fashion, is the cheekiest by far and has tantrums down pat
  3. whilst we haven't gone away as such during the school hols, I feel proud that I have gone out of my comfort zone on more than a few occasions and done some fun things with the kids, like exploring Waterfall Gully, playing (what seems like Endless. Hours.) of frisbee (who knew?!), creating with alcohol inks with kids- they are old and responsible enough now......hehehe, jumping &playing nonsensical games on our trampoline - 18 monther included.......and like any woman who has kids in 2012 multitasking to the max
  4. Half-survived a major change in our business. it's all for the good. but as Winston Churchill has been known to quote, we just....keep going....
  5. witnessed my brother suffer what could only be described as the worst case of 19th century hirsuitism......if you want to know what I mean, befriend him on facebook :-s
  6. thoroughly enjoyed reading the following in my sacred- before- sleep- time- even -if -it- is -12 midnight-before-the-kids-are-asleep!!!!: All That I Am by Anna Funder (thanks for the loan Mum), Everyday Kindness by Stephanie Dowrick - an absolute gem, highly recommended++++, the gorgeous the God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, again, and also again, Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
  7. Have added the following links to my favourites/added to my google reader: Kind Over Matter, for eye candy I checkout Paper Crafters Corner nearly everyday, Crescendoh for pure inspiration, Design Seeds for colour inspiration, Pinterest's enough for now.....
  8. Gone to the dark side again and become hopelessly addicted to the stupid side of facebook....grrrrr
  9. Caught up with my school friends on our annual day-after-Boxing-Day lunch which was sooooo what I needed - love you guys xxxx
  10. Trying to get out of the rut of easy dishes to cook with 4 fussy people in the household - & just cooked garlic prawns for Dean & me & the kids had......something like 2 min noodles......& that WAS OK!!
  11. LOVED staying at home on NYE (sad I know.....but miss 18 monther had just gone to sleep & you couldn't have paid me to wake her up again to go out & witness scary explosions in the sky, and due to point 4 - didn't even think about booking a babysitter 
  12. Have decided that in an effort to streamline the need for memory-preserving, I will keep this blog as an online diary of sorts to encompass not only my art/craft stuff but other ponderings & cool links I find in the name of procrastination/inspiration xx And, also due to point 4, I am no longer a dt member for the beloved Scrapmatts - love you guys  - or Mystical but Love staying current with what everyone is doing, whether or not I get the chance to leave a comment x

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Cathy said...

So sad to hear you are no longer on the Scrapmatts Team Belinda, will miss your gorgeous creations. I hope 2012 is a fantastic year for you and your family!! hugs :))

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