Sunday, 27 May 2012

creative biz ready to launch!!!!

I have come to the realisation over the last month or so that my NEED to make stuff and learn new techniques and experiment can be used to my advantage and I have decided to focus on creating opportunities for others to share what I know, teach classes for children and so forth. Seriously. Which means actually spending the time costing everything out, making samples, committing to doing this in a big way. Not easy when you have 3 kids, an work-from-home hubby and my work I have been doing with the business........
Thanks to my fab friends I see every Tues morning for coffee, this idea is becoming a reality and with their support, advice, laughter and belief in me, I am making it happen. Slowly. On my own terms.
I have also read a lot on this wonderful sight  Kind Over Matter  and have been making my way through the insightful e-book that  Amanda promotes on the whole creative- mom-preneur -juggling kids- family -and life stuff. I thoroughly recommend it.

I have committed to a launch demonstration/party for a group of kids where we will make a card & tag (eta - possibly several!!) and it will also be a chance to showcase some of my other ideas for running classes, and perhaps birthday parties. I  will be holding 2 holiday workshops in the first week of the school holidays & will post more about this here soon.

All very exciting times for me!!

But without further ado, here is some of my latest stuff:

A couple of scrapbook pages:

gotta love Instagram! I'm having a lot of fun with the effects but haven't got going with the community thing ....yet

messy messy! I love Distress Stains  - so quick & easy for an arty look that is not messy to clean up!!

little leaf things made of texture paste

more soon. Now off to make Sunday night dinner :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Belinda! All looks amazing!!! Wish I was a kid and around for a school holiday workshop.

Blessings on your work!

Amanda Bethell

Belinda Achatz said...

Hi Amanda - thankyou for your kind comments - lovely to hear from you. Would love to say Hi when you are next in Adelaide. Your backyard is becoming quite the social place for toddlers like Madeleine!

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