Friday, 10 August 2012

Kelly-Rae Roberts' "Flying Lessons" e-course!!!

I am super-duper excited to have taken the plunge & invested in this e- course by one of the most inpirational artists I have ever followed. This is the last time Kelly-Rae Roberts will be providing this in e-course format & from what I have heard, it is amazingly motivational, inspirational & completely worth doing, not only for the content and guts of what she shares but also for the community of participants that develops over the course.
And we can all do with a bit of community, no? Especially us like-minded creatives who are amongst the nay-sayers and those who don't 'get'it' or who do get it but who 'don't have the time '  - hello - we all have the same 24 hours as everyone else!

To find out more about the course, go here

And if you don't know about Kelly-Rae, go & visit her beautiful site here:

Speaking of her art, I stumbled upon a delightful altered globe of hers in a local papershop at Malvern: I have seen she has licensed her art for some gorgeous looking homewares and jewellery by Demdaco (USA), but was not aware that these would be available in Oz - let alone lil' ol' Adelaide.
Unfortunately, I was not so delighted by the price which I think was a result of the location of the papershop.

I would love to know if anyone else local (well, Australian) has seen her stuff for sale........

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