Monday, 17 September 2012

Brainstorming about goals, wildest dreams

Jumping in without a parachute:

Feel part of a connected face-to- face community to share/work on our projects with

Have my work published in Somerset magazines

Work part-time wholly on my art, possibly in a studio once kids r older

Explore the painting process

Align my home with my creative interests

Facilitate creative groups with other orgs eg Sophia, community groups eg Mitcham

Work out how the helI I can focus &/ or
develop the myriad of interests I have-- maybe combine everything onto 1 project?

Share with other creatives/ people I admire eg Stephanie Dowrick, my mum & her poetry

Accumulate a body of work for display/exhibit at a quirky cafe or similar

Earn a regular stream of income: enough to buy the art materials & tools I want

Re-explore some of the themes I used to take a great interest in : comparative mythology & work of Joseph Campbell, study artists in more detail: Frida Kahlo , Australian women painters, current textile artists

Draw on my vast travel experiences
I had as a young child - overseas & within Australia: revisit those & bring some of that symbolism into my work

Go on an art retreat in a beautiful place.

Ruminate over things less: i go to sleep everynight thinking about a name for my business, like it's the most important thing ever: as blaacraft sounds blah! Blaa= my initials. Maybe the ruminating is telling me something?!

Take my dreams seriously (ie night ones) I have always dreamed on colours & often dream in French as well as English, I have repetitive dreams sometimes the context, sometimes the people, sometimes both. I remember some of these from when I was quite young.

That's it 4 now....lunch is calling !

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